The Blue Peter Green Book

The Blue Peter Green Book was an environmental book aimed at children which was produced and released by the Blue Peter show and the team behind it. The book was released around 1990 by BBC Books and was around 64 pages long,originally costing £2.99.

This book is separate to the main Blue Peter Annuals series of books/annuals, being a one off piece of Blue Peter Merchandise.

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You care about our future, you want to know what's happening to the world - but how can you help to stop the many threats to our planet>

Everyday seems to bring more gloomy predictions about the environment. But you can act now to make our world a better place! That's the theme of the Blue Peter Green book.

From the television team who really know what children are thinking and care about here's a book that explains clearly and simply what the major environmental promblems are - and how you can help deal with them.

Promblem such as:

  • Rainforests - Stop the destruction.
  • The Greenhouse effect - How we can slow it down.
  • Our towns - Make them cleaner places.
  • Our wildlife - How we can protect it.
  • Recycling - Less waste - the Key to our future.

The world is in your hands - save it.

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