1. MYTH: Christopher Trace, the very first presenter, gave viewers the recipe for an alcoholic ginger beer.

TRUTH: He did give it out, but it wasn't meant to be alcoholic.

2. MYTH: Female presenter Janet Ellis was sacked in 1987 when it became known that she divorced her first husband, and carrying another man's child.

TRUTH: Although this revelation provoked tabloid controversy, everyone at BP supported Ellis, and it was entirely her decision to leave.

3. MYTH: The child Janet Ellis was pregnant with, grew up to be Sophie Ellis Bextor.

TRUTH: Sophie Ellis Bextor was born in 1979, and the outcry occurred in 1987, so this could not be at all possible. The child grew up to be Robert Leach.(But Janet Ellis is the mother to Sophie Ellis Bextor)

4. MYTH: Richard Bacon was the very first presenter to be fired, after he took cocaine in a nightclub.

TRUTH: He was the first to have his contract terminated and have an apology made on his behalf – but not the first to be forced to leave; Leila Williams (in 1962), Christopher Wenner (in 1980) and Michael Sundin (in 1985) were made all redundant when their contracts came up for renewal.