Blue Peter Book 31
Blue Peter Book 31
Author Blue Peter
Published 1 Aug 2001
Pages 64 Pages
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Blue Peter Book 31 is a piece of Blue Peter Merchandise which was the thirty first book of the series of yearly Blue Peter Annuals which featured content from that years episodes of Blue Peter.

The book featured content from Blue Peter and was released in 1 Aug 2001. It was a 64-page book which was published by Egmont Books Ltd.

The book is a write up of all the things that the Blue Peter presenting team have done that year. The presenters featured in this books are Konnie Huq, Simon Thomas, Matt Baker and Liz Barker.

Product description Edit

Still the most regular rated top ten children's TV programme and now scheduled every week of the year by the BBC. Join the team on their travels through Spain, San Francisco and South America.

Meet Gary Linekar, the Pop Stars (Hearsay) and the famous Blue Peter pets as well as new presenter Liz. All the things Blue Peter is famous for including cookery, makes, quizzes, magic tricks and the chance for readers to win a day out at the Blue Peter studios.

Content Edit

  • Hello there! - Intro into the years events.
  • Snaps from San Francisco.
  • Now you see it, now you don't - Magic tricks from Konnie.
  • Mat's best friend - Intro to Meg the dog.
  • Blue Peter Appeal 2000
  • Blue Peter summer expedition 2000: via Espana!
  • Super firry animals coat hangers
  • Liz joins the firefighters
  • Hear'say: Pure and simple
  • Pompeii: A city frozen in time.
  • Liz's scrapbook: photos of Liz Barker
  • One-nil! - Make your own table football.
  • Angel's for a day: A visit to the worlds largest costume store
  • Tortilla cooking guide.
  • Outside broadcasts: Blue Peter hit the road.
  • Millennium crown
  • Starry starry night.
  • Apple layer cake
  • Lowdown on Blue Peter badges