Blue Peter Book 12
Blue Peter Book 12
Author Blue Peter
Published 1975 by BBC
Pages 79 Pages
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Blue Peter Book 12 is a piece of Blue Peter Merchandise which was the 12th book of the series of yearly Blue Peter Annuals which featured content from that years episodes of Blue Peter.

The book was first published in 1975 by the British Broadcasting Corporation and consisted of around 79 pages. Unlike many of the other books in the series, which have the current presenters on the book's cover, this book features the Blue Peter pets.

Content Edit

  • Hello there! - Introduction to the book.
  • Coronation - Coronation of the new King and Queen of Hackney (1974).
  • Mighty Mick - Mighty Mick the Cumberland giant.
  • 'Can you ride a bike.
  • Postcard Table mats
  • Thailand
  • Bleep and Booster (Comic).
  • Special assignment.
  • Pomelette and Pudding.
  • 3B's Appeal
  • Paddington clocks in.
  • Freda's Race - Tortoise race.
  • It was your idea Pete
  • The sea we would like to see.
  • Spinning pictures.
  • Petra.
  • The Runaways.
  • A-maze-ing
  • The end of a dream.
  • R 101
  • Operation Spring clean.
  • Flying Ballet.
  • The day the Gasket blew.
  • Freight Train.
  • The case of the Maltese cross.
  • It couldn't happen to me.
  • Digging for dinner.
  • Never forget a face.
  • The House of secrets.
  • Mystery pictures.
  • Solutions & useful information.
  • Competition.


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