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Blue Peter's Summer Snaps is a VHS Tape, rated U (Universal - Suitable for All), which was released in 1991. The tape, lasting for around 65 minutes, is a compilation of footage from the Blue Peter summer expeditions.

Originally produced and released by Watershed Pictures, under license from the BBC. Watershed had also previously released "The Best of the 60s and 70s" and "The Best of the 80s". The video was given a re-release in 1993 by the Pocket Money Video label, part of PolyGram Video (this re-release sported a yellow frame around the original video cover design, as shown here).


Do you remember Yvette Fielding and Caron Keating's exploits at the Moscow state Circus, John Leslie making friends with a pair of Black Rhinos and Mark Curry taking a mud bath in the Crimea? You do? Pack your bags, grab your passport and jump into this fascinating holiday snap album with Yvette and Caron as they re-live the best moments from three thrilling Blue Peter summer expeditions.

Join the team in the Soviet Union for Blue Peter's first trip to the Eastern Bloc, where they delight in the historical sights of Moscow, holiday on the Crimean coast and make a rare visit to the space flight control centre where Blue Peter receives a special message from outer space.

In complete contrast the 1989 summer trip to Zimbabwe was truly wild with Yvette having the shower of her life at the incredible Victoria falls while John meets the threatened Black Rhino and makes music with the locals.

Finally on the excitement of North America's west coast as Yvette and Caron go to a drive in church, roller skate on Venice beach, sample the "big waves", shoot the rapids and swim with Sharks off the Californian coast.

Three amazing Blue Peter trips packed full of adventure, thrills and spills - a summer snap album to be shared and cherished for always.