In March 2006, it was found out that sites like eBay, Amazon and other auction places were selling Blue Peter badges which could gain people free entry into the parks across the UK. This boomed all over the media with people sending in letters on those who had got one. E-Bay refused to take down the sales of real Blue Peter badges but they would take down the fakes.

The sales were heard about and 300 badges were getting sold online compared to the previous dozen or so. So, on 29 March 2006, Blue Peter withdrew the privileges from the badge until they could decide how to stop the badges being sold. Richard Marson, the editor at that time, said that Blue Peter wished to "protect children who have earned their badges and who are feeling very let down by this cynical trade."

On 19 June 2006, all owners of Blue Peter badges were issued with a new photo ID card. The idea was by Helen Jennings, an 11-year old viewer and badge holder. she even made a design of the ID card in the letter. She got a Silver badge for the idea. These cards are now awarded for 6 to 15-year olds. They expire the day the user turns 16 and can be obtained on the Blue Peter website!